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6 thoughts on “ A Better Tomorrow - Saturation - Saturation

  1. May 24,  · The saturation really adds depth to your image. You picked a very good photo to use an example. I often fiddle with curves to get similar effects. I hadn’t realised simply increasing the saturation would do it. I completely understand why you can’t keep up weekly challenges.
  2. Short answer: Yes, as with all things (alcohol being the exception in this case) THC has a maximum saturation point, but you wont hit it before your edibles become (for lack of a better word) dangerous. Long answer, here is a thread from a few weeks back where we discussed it.
  3. Aug 30,  · I haven't found a better term than "saturation" for the BJT because I don't think "linear" is a good one since, to the best of my knowledge and experience, it is more likely to be used for the active region than the saturation region but, more importantly, the fact that it is used for both by different camps is just asking for confusion.
  4. Sep 29,  · A better approach is to locate the dominant point in a*b, then reposition it further out in the plane. Finally, for photographic saturation that's more than just numerically correct you want to identify parts of the Lab space where saturation is highly detrimental such as skin hues and protect.
  5. Dec 25,  · Now that you know what this saturation sounds like, let's cover some of the core concepts and questions and then I'll show you a list of plugins that are currently considered the best for this. Tape Saturation FAQs & Primer. Whether or not tape saturation is a .
  6. Dec 02,  · Anyone interested in "Saturation" exploration of areas..??? Maybe "saturation" is not the correct word. It seems everyone is obsessed with getting rich or getting ahead. You move into a nice valley and live there, and explore all the near valleys for weeks or months. Study the animals and the vegetation, each special hidden chamber, the defunct mines, the caves.

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