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6 thoughts on “ Mustapha Mond - Mustapha Mond

  1. However, Mond’s language suggests that he sees beyond the limitations of this philosophy. Other than John and Helmholtz, Mond is the only character to speak in poetic images: “High spurts the fountain; fierce and foamy the wild jet.” This image suggests that Mond is .
  2. Wells and Sir Alfred Mond in the composite figure of Mustapha Mond because he considered both men proponents of antihumanistic rationalization--the reorganization of society on an allegedly more scientific, more efficient, more technological basis.
  3. The strange events have overwhelmed Lenina, so she consumes a large amount of soma and falls asleep for nearly eighteen hours. Bernard waits until she is asleep and sneaks off to call His Fordship Mustapha Mond in London to arrange to bring John and Linda back to London.
  4. At the end of chapter three (page 38 if you happen to have the same book as I), Huxley creates a deliberate scene where Mustapha Mond's "disciple" (The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning) rebukes some children for bothering Mond, and the Controller's response, "Suffer little children" is a direct quote (in the King James Version) from the.
  5. Mustapha Mond specifically says if it wasn't for islands they would gas dissenters. Sorry that I don't have the exact quote but I don't think he would say that if the dissenters were going to actually be gassed. The world in brave new world is about maximizing happiness more than just pragmatism.

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